Maintain Your Air Conditioner To Maximize Your Return On Investment

For homeowners, an air conditioning unit is one of the best investments a homeowner can make for more than one reasons. Yes, an air conditioner (or two) can indeed prove to be a pricy investment in the beginning. However, with the right maintenance efforts, the air conditioner can pay for itself over time.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Thankfully, there are several ways you can maintain your air conditioner to get the most from it. Best of all, these maintenance options are easy and inexpensive, even if you are new to the process. Below, we look at 5 of the best options.

1. Change the Filter Monthly

Changing the air filter in your unit regularly is one of the best things you can do for your AC. This is also one of the quickest and easiest things that can be done.

Air filters in your unit are designed to stop dust, dander, and other particles from infiltrating your home. For an air filter to work at its optimum level, it has to remain clean and not bogged down with excess particles. Dirty filters are bad both for the health and life of your air conditioner, as well as the indoor air quality of your room.

2. Keep the Coils Clean

As mentioned by one New Albany heating and cooling company, like air filters, air conditioning coils need to be cleaned as and kept clean for the unit to function as it should. Coils insulated with dirt do not absorb heat properly and consequently work harder to cool your home correctly. As coils work harder, the life of the unit becomes shorter. Keeping the coils clean lengthens the life of your unit.

3. Monitor the Condition of the Fins

The condenser and evaporator within the AC both have parts known as fins. These fins, over time, can become bent or otherwise damaged – resulting in insufficient airflow. If you do notice that fins are bent or otherwise damaged, a fin comb can help to resolve the issue. Saving that, a professional technician can help you.

4. Inspect the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain, as the name suggests, is where the air conditioning unit drains its water. If you do notice that the condensate does not drain properly, then you should work to unclog the same and then contact a local technician to do the same for you.

5. Schedule an Appointment with a Technician

Finally, while all the above suggestions are all things you can do on your own, your unit still needs to be maintained by a trained technician from time to time. For starters, you may not have the time between working and spending time with your family to tend to the maintenance of your AC. In that case, a professional technician will prove useful. Additionally, a professional will get the job done right the first time.

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